3 Day Potty Training Guide Review 2017 – Does It Really Work?

Potty training your kid can be an overwhelming problem, with numerous kicks to your face, and annoying diaper rashes and several potty stains on the carpet, this is one issue all new parents go through. But this eBook, the “3 Day Potty Training Guide” by the author Lora Jensen can be considered, as the Bible for potty training your baby with ease.

With this article we will reveal if this eBook actually works. Although there may be some undesirable highlighting events, like puddles of poop on the kitchen floor, or elsewhere that may be a bit difficult initially. But this eBook that guides parents on how to potty-train their child with ease actually works. Following the suggestions given in this book will help to progress things at a much faster pace.


babyIn this 3 Day Potty Training Guide, the author suggests that parents should not ask their children if they need to go to the toilet, instead tell them that they should tell you when you have to use the toilet. This is a noteworthy point as this would help the kid learn to be aware of when they need to use the toilet instead of continuing to be dependent on their caregivers to tell them when they need to go to potty.

The author also suggests that this is a huge step for a baby, so you should not expect results immediately, just like anything else. This would also require time to get accustomed to. Consider using vinyl pants or training pants so that the pants don’t get ruined during the process, she calls these pants as crutches. Parents are also advised not to leave the house in these 3 days.

Although you may need to wash some dirty bed sheets for a few days, they guarantee that all new mommies will get some rest after 3 days. The author suggests that children should not be encouraged to sit on the potty for long. Observe if they want to go and if they don’t, take them down.

She suggests that the action of picking up the child and running to the toilet to help their business allows the child to better adjust with this new system. We recommend that you abide by this theory but observe ample to caution to avoid any accidents.

As for those of you who do not use an external rewarding system, we suggest you make an exception with this time. This eBook will provide you with an initial strategy to get started with the process, but feel free to change the strategy to suit your personal situation.

Features of this Guide

It is understandable that most parents would think that this is a gimmick or some kind of a scam which is not worth it. Imagining your child comfortable using the potty in a few days of time? Almost sounds too good to be true. Most parents consider potty training to be a lengthy and tedious process that would take years to be incorporated in their child’s psyche.

To begin this process, we suggest that you first analyze if your child is ready to be potty trained. The average time period for kids to get ready to be potty trained is usually 15 to 28 months. Whereas some kids get potty trained within one day or even one afternoon, some even take a few days to be potty trained completely.

If you desire for your child to be potty trained in a smooth and efficient way without putting too much stress or tension on the child as well as the family, then accelerated potty training can just be the right thing for you.


Make sure that your child is physically capable to pull his own pants up and down, and if he enjoys going to the bathroom when you or your husband is going. Then these are positive signs that your child is ready to be potty trained with accelerated potty training technique.

Note that although it might not be possible for very young babies to pull their pants up or down by themselves without the help of others, or to wash their hands and clean the potty after they have used it for quite some time now.

This method of accelerated 3 day potty training system will help your child to learn to use the toilet instead of doing their business in diapers, and not be completely potty trained like older children. The other allied skills, such as pulling their pants up and down by themselves or washing their hands would momrequire a few more months of persistent follow-up efforts.

The eBook recommends that you get your child excited about the procedure, a few weeks before you start the potty training. This accelerated method is an intense procedure which will require you to set up the potty in your living room or kitchen, where you spend most of the time of your day, and spend the entire day there.

Clear your schedule and take some time off from your work for three days in which you will be training your child to use the potty, also ask another adult to take some time off with you as well. it might be helpful to start telling your child that a potty training party is coming up within a few days, before you start.

We recommend that you start this procedure in a time when you do not have any major plans or are not expecting guests. Also stay close to home, i.e. make sure you do not have plans to travel soon. Basically you need completely focus your time on potty training your child, so avoid the times when you or your family will be going through a major change. This  Guide will very well help you with keeping time and teaching your kid the basics properly.

You will be required to gather these supplies:

  1. A step stool
  2. A potty chair/ seat
  3. Some drinks
  4. Snacks (usually the ones with high water content)
  5. A portable potty
  6. Waterproof mattress pad
  7. A stopwatch or timer
  8. Some underpants meant for bigger kids
  9. Some kind of rewards like stickers
  10. Some entertainment materials like toys, books, indoor games etc.

The first step is to let your child know about the plan, tell him/her about the potty party and get him excited about it. Bring everything that your child may need into the room where you will be training him/her because you will be spending the entire day in there. It is best if you consider these three days of potty training as a kick-off to an extended procedure that is going to follow.

It will help to keep the rewards close to the potty to make him feel enthusiastic about the process. Give him the same reward every time he successfully is able to do his business, and also explain it to him why he is getting the reward in the first place. Make sure you tell your child that he/she is required to keep his underwear dry. Also using the timer/stopwatch to let your child know that it is time to go to the potty is a helpful technique. The 3 day potty training Guide will prove itself very helpful to the parents.


What makes this Guide Efficient?

  1. With the suggestions given in the book, the time on the potty and the routine to get back on it after equal intervals of time will not be frightening and will make the process fun and enjoyable.
  2. After every time your child uses the potty successfully, the book gives useful tips of giving him/her a snack and something to drink. Usually this would help him/her to urinate more frequently and get better acquainted with the process. A fruit is the most recommendable option.
  3. The book will help your child get over his/her fear of going to the potty, and it also recommends that if accidents should happen, handle them calmly so that he/she doesn’t feel like they did something wrong.


The book does not in itself have any mentionable cons to begin with. But every child is different so the degrees of efficiency of this program might be varying for every other child. While some might find it highly efficient and to get the job done in less than 3 days, some may find it not so efficient, but whatever it does it will not worsen the situation and will only help your child to get better acquainted with the potty.

What is our final verdict about the eBook?

We would suggest that you get your hands on the 3 Day Potty Training Guide as it clearly can do no harm. The procedures mentioned in the book will only work towards allowing your child to get acquainted to the toilet and the allied processes of washing up after it is done.


This book is focused on making your child ready to use the potty instead of the diaper and although is an accelerated procedure, it can help improve the situation with much ease and in a stress-free manner unlike several other similar programs. This eBook gives the readers ample information on how to get your child to enjoy going to the toilet and use it without getting scared with a useful reward system.

9 thoughts on “3 Day Potty Training Guide Review 2017 – Does It Really Work?

  1. Followed your method regularly and now I am happy to say that my son is diaper free even day and night for over a week now. This site was really a relief for me…:)

  2. Read your journey and loved your story. I am going to try this method on my son Jack this weekend.. Thanks a lot for the help.. 🙂

  3. I have two twin boys who are 2 years old. Will this method work for them? I want to make them diaper free by this month, just want to make sure that it will work for them ….

    1. Hey!! Thanks for reading my articles. Definitely it will work in fact it will work more efficiently on twins as kids have the tendency to learn from each other. Go give it a try and do give your feedback… 🙂

  4. I am 2 days into the potty training method and wanted to say that it is just like you said in the website… I am very sure that she will be completely potty trained by tomorrow.. Thanks for such an awesome product.. 🙂

    1. Happy to know that you are using this product. Let me know if you need any help on your 3 day of training… 🙂

  5. Read your articles and so impressed by it. I have a baby boy and he is 2 and a half years old but still uses diaper. I want him to b diaper free. will this product help in this ?

    1. Thanks..!! yes this product is so easy and fun to learn so any child can easily learn and get potty trained. So try it 🙂

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