My Experience with 3 Day Potty Training Guide

Name                                 : Lisa and John

Duration of Problem   : 6months

“There was a time when we were unable to sit our baby on the potty. So we had to use diaper. We did not understand how to make Rose sit on the potty for at least 5 minutes. We were in great trouble and every day I had to clear her dirty diapers. It was like a nightmare for me. Though I had tried a lot of procedures but nothing worked on Rose. She was not ready to sit on the potty.”

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Hello I am Lisa Weisz. I and John, my husband is living in California. We are living our happy life with Rose, is our two years old girl child. John is working in a multinational company, so he is always busy at his work. I also worked at a company as a regional marketing Manager but now I am a housewife. I leave my job in order to take care of Rose. Rose always stays in jovial mood. She never cries or annoys anyone. Rose prefers to stay with her dolls and loves to play in her tent house.

Time to time I just feed her and she takes her food easily. There were no problems at all. But there was one thing that irritated Rose most and that was when we asked her to go and sit on the potty. She started crying .I did not understand what to do. So I used diaper and every day I had to change it. It was nasty work. But I never showed my anger on Rose. Actually she is too little to under it. But one day I decided somehow I had to manage her and made her sit on potty. But I failed to do it.

One day I discussed with John about the problems. Then John assured me that he would try it. Actually Rose is very close to John. So I thought it was John who could do it. When he tried to sit her on potty, she started shouting. John could not make it possible. Then I started talking with my friends and asked their opinions. They suggested me a lot of systems that might help me. I started following the techniques but Rose was not ready to go there. We were scared and did not understand how to make Rose sit on the potty.

Freaked out??

Though, John, my husband was very co-operative but still I was afraid. We did not know that how to manage our Rose. John and I always tried to make her understand that everyone should go to potty and due to some reasons she was not ready to sit on potty.

When 3 Day Potty Training Guide entered the picture!

The book came highly recommended from many of our friends who suggested that this is the ultimate guide to use when thinking about the nightmarish day of potty training your baby. So I downloaded a copy of this book from Amazon. One truly great thing about this book is that it took me all of 20 minutes or so to finish reading it. What most similar mommy training guide books and parenting guide books do is to make it appear highly informative by increasing the volume of the book with unnecessary filler information. But not with this one, it simply explained what exactly needs to be done and why. So was not at all difficult to follow.

Explore 3 Day Potty Training Guide

3 days potty training kit3 day potty training program was prepared by Lora Jensen. In the potty training weekend the book suggests that you first evaluate your child if he/she is ready to take on the process. Every child is different and if yours isn’t ready yet, there is no need to panic, there is nothing wrong with your baby. So it is advisable you check if your baby enjoys going into the toilet when you or your partner is going in and if he likes to pull the flush and things like that. Our Rose enjoys going to the toilet, so we decided it was time for her to start getting potty trained.

The book gives a clear explanation of what the basic strategy behind this accelerated potty training program is and how it would help the child to learn. It also provides a clear list of certain items that will be required for these three days of training and provides useful tips for preparing in advance. This really helped me to get into the mindset for initiating those three stressful days of potty training, as I am someone who always likes to be prepared in all kinds of things.

This book uses the external rewarding system which is worthwhile for those of you who don’t approve of using this system we suggest you make an exception this one time as there is no better way to explain your child how amazing he/she has been by using the potty successfully enough. Get your hands on small rewards like stickers that you can give to your child every time he/she uses the potty successfully. We got away pretty easy with our child as she enjoys having fruits instead of stickers, so, whenever she used the potty successfully we rewarded her with one more slice of pineapple and she was happy as can be.

So my conclusion with this program would be that, yes, the book worked, my baby woke up today morning and went to urinate on the potty and has also received her first pair of grownup underwear. Being a mother I am very happy to see it. Thanks to Lora Jensen.

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