Bonus and Discount Offers- 3 Day Potty Training Guide

3 days Potty Training Program is one of the most challenging tasks for a parent. The transition between diapers and normal underwear is very small but very crucial and hectic process for the parents. This is a very important job for any parent and it is absolutely crucial for the child to be properly potty trained. For this very purpose, Carol Cline devised an e-book that not only teaches parents the procedures to potty train their child, but that too in just 3 days.

For any parent with a regular job, this is the perfect technique. All they need to do is spend just 3 full days with the baby and potty train them. This program provides with all the knowledge needed by a parent to perfectly potty train their children. This product is really useful and very much needed by parents, and it also has a number of bonus products given with it.

Bonus Products

everythingyouget with 3 day potty traing kit

This Potty Training Program is quite attractive to any family with a new born child but its attractiveness increases with the inclusion of these extra products, rebates and refunds. They are:

Bonus #1

Bonus 1: 3 days potty trainingThis guide contains not only videos, audios and written material but also they are gathered and bundled in such a way that it provides the easiest guide for a person to understand and start with.

The bonus part is that this e-book is available in versions that are supported by all the eReaders like IPad, Nook and Kindle.

Bonus #2

Bonus#2: 3days potty training

There is also a collection of success certificates and reward charts included in this package. These charts and rewards can be given to kids to choose from. These will invoke the eagerness in kids to finish off the charts themselves.

Normally this package costs $39.95 but with the Potty Training Program, it comes absolutely free.

Bonus #3

Bonus#3: 3days potty trainingIt is a known fact that every child reacts differently to the same situation. Each child is unique in their own way and it is very much needed to treat them differently too. For personal assistance for the parents, the author has opened a personal support helpline only for the buyers of this e-book. Others have to pay $140 for one consultation but the service is absolutely free for the customers of this book.

Bonus #4

Bonus#4: 3 days potty training

Potty training is not the only responsibility of raising a child. The Potty Training Program comes with full parenting guide to help its customers get through the whole parenting journey smoothly.

This Parenting guide is available in the market for $29.95 but with Potty Training Program, it comes free.

Bonus #5

Bonus#4: 3 days potty trainingThe total package comes with an 8 weeks money back guarantee.

If a customer is not satisfied with the products, he or she can claim the whole money back within 8 weeks and will be returned 100% of the money without any question.