What’s inside the 3 Day Potty Training Guide?

There comes a stage in a child’s life when they have to change from diapers to normal under wears. This transition period is quite hectic for a parent as they need to bring about this change. Lora Jensen, a mother herself, has devised a 3 Day Potty Training Program for mothers all around the world. This program help mothers through the process of potty training a child very efficiently.

Initial steps of 3 Day Potty Training Program

This program basically trains mothers to bring about the crucial change from diapers to the bathroom in a very smooth and efficient way. As instructed, there are a few basic mindsets a mother needs to have in order to potty train, they are:

  • There should not be any serious expectations.
  • One should know about the complications that might appear.
  • One should know how their child reacts.
  • A schedule is very important.
  • Comparison with other potty trained children is strictly out of the question.

This program works best if the person who is closest to the child goes through with this program. They are the people the child is more prone to listen to. Familiarizing a child with a personal potty is also very important before starting the process. It is tough for a child to do something new suddenly. So, making the child familiar with the concept of potty is quite helpful.

Another important factor is time. The parent involved should be able to devote the 3 day time needed at a stretch to ensure proper training. During this period, the parent will need to be the child all the time.

As said earlier, one must know how the child reacts. Initially, they won’t be able to say they want to go to the toilet. So, the person handling the child should understand it by seeing their facial expression or body reaction. This is done mainly so that no sudden accidents occur during this period.

What else is there?

3 days potty training kitThe 3 Day Potty Training Program is helpful and informative. It gives step-wise details on exactly what to do and expect. The previous part tells about the essential initial steps required. The rest of the program devotes to details on preparing the kid properly for the main program.

After the initial preparation comes the part in which one needs to prepare the child. This includes associating the child to words like “poo”, “pee” or “I want to go”. All these words are associated with potty and its works as a mode of communication for the child. This makes it easier for the handler to know when to take the child to the toilet.

For the final part, firstly, the 3 days have to be marked. Then a schedule has to be constructed for the child and the handler to follow. It is very important that the 3 days marked should not intersect with any other work or distractions. Consistency is a very important aspect for this to succeed. After that, the 3-days potty training program will do its magic.

Final verdict

The 3 Days Potty Training Program is a boon to mothers trying to potty train their children. It is one of the most successful methods and that can be seen from all the reviews of this e-book. If done properly, it is a fool-proof way.

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